In 1984 a small retail fashion house opens its doors to the Greek women who need basic accessories with a twist, so as to empower their personal style. Statement pieces in bags, hats, shoes, scarves and jewels are carefully selected from all over the world in order to highlight women's personal style and offer glimpses from the worldwide high street fashion.

    In 1999, BASIC'S SENSE is founded and enters the wholesale market offering gradually complete product ranges, always in line with its initial purpose: "Basic everyday fashion with a twist".

    The successful collaboration with international brands names has led BS to develop its own retail network of shops with 4 company owned and 2 franchise-policy stores until today.

    Meanwhile BS launched the concept brand LOVE BOUTIQUE in order to capture fashion trends from all over the world. At the same time the concept stores LOVE BOUTIQUE opened their doors presenting all of BS's collaborations to the retail market.

    Driven by the market's need for affordable but yet stylish clothes and based on the experience acquired over the years, BS's latest activity is its own designed clothing label BO2, proudly made in Greece.

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    1984 Opening of the first retail fashion house
    1990 Starts exclusive imports from Italy and France
    1999 BASIC'S SENSE is founded and enters the wholesale market & Exclusive distributor for LOLLIPOPS, France
    2001 Opening of the first LOLLIPOPS store
    2004 Opening of the second LOLLIPOPS store 2008 Exclusive distributor for CODELLO, Germany
    2010 Exclusive distributor for PAUL'S BOUTIQUE, England
    2011 Launch of own designed clothing label BE IN LOVE & opening of PAUL'S BOUTIQUE exclusively greek e-shop
    2012 Opening of the first LOVE BOUTIQUE concept store
    2013 Exclusive distributor for ABBACINO, Spain
    2014 Relaunch of BE IN LOVE as BO2
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    "Diversity, uniqueness, authenticity" is our motto. Fresh ideas, contemporary trends, new materials, unexpected combinations, experimental style and attitude feed our mojo! BS's brands and creations represent city chic, by investing in everyday outfits that can be turned to fashion statements just by adding unique stylish details!

    there is common sense on every woman's wardrobe but it's her Basic Sense of personal style that differentiates her!

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    PAUL'S BOUTIQUE/ www.pauls-boutique.gr
    An urban brand capturing the spirit of London with customized clothes and statement bags.

    CODELLO/ www.codello.de
    CODELLO creates scarves and shawls which are made with passion, understanding and great attention to the detail, color, prints and materials.

    LOLLIPOPS/ www.lollipops.gr
    LOLLIPOPS bags, shoes and accessories reveal in the essence of bohemian chic "French" Paris, of the scents of the past and eternal romance. Each creation is dotted with originality and the fantasy of its artistic director, Marjorie Mathieu.

    ABBACINO/ www.abbacino.es
    Handmade bags and accessories that stand out only for their internationally renowned style, but also for their daring use of fine materials and finishes.

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    B for beautiful. O2 for oxygen. One word, one element, one love for 24/7 stylish, fresh & city chic outfits. Sense the breeze. Embrace the attitude. Feel what it's like to breath in style. The oxygen of style.

    Concept brand offering a selection of eye-catching styles from all over the world, capturing all the latest trends.

    The stores where all the brands that BS represents in wholesale market, blend at one place for retail customers to enjoy: PAUL'S BOUTIQUE, CODELLO, LOLLIPOPS, ABBACINO, BE IN LOVE, LOVE BOUTIQUE and guest collaborations.

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    #Metro Mall [Vouliagmenis Ave. 276, Agios Dimitrios]

    Love Boutique
    #Golden Hall
    [Kifisias Ave. 37A, Marousi]
    #Spetses Island [Ntapia, 180 50]
    #Shopping House[Theomitoros 41, Alimos]

    Franchise stores
    [Mnasiadou 10C. Nicosia]

    Do you want to be a part of BASIC'S SENSE family? Contact us today to help you open your own LOLLIPOPS or LOVE BOUTIQUE store!

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    Sales office - Show Room
    Alimou Ave. 42 & Roma str. 15, GR 174 55 Alimos, Athens, Greece
    Tel.: +30 210 971 3808, +30 210 971 3848, +30 210 985 8811
    Fax.: + 30 210 976 3522
    e-mail: info@basicaccessories.gr

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